Oct 31 2010年


See below for guitar chords!No offense meant to any present,前者,living,或是死去的拉拉队队长。

Cheerleaders came to the door selling cookies
But I told them I could not support their evil cause

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Oct 16 2010年


In this case,it isn't so much the new game as it is theessay关于我想让你看的比赛。他有一篇新文章,听起来像是一则广告:为亚马逊Kindle发布的三城游戏.Butwhat it is actually about is puzzles,游戏发明与约束方法.


我怀疑these are difficult lessons for budding designers,请基于观察那些在战场上较新的人与他们斗争。I likewise think that most veterans take them for granted,jumping straight to ways to alter simple three-rule-three-variable game atoms into something new with little more to prototype with than a pencil and a couple of items from their desks.

但不管怎样,they are common underpinnings.这个领域中的每个人都面临的事情,然后必须掌握。And periodically be reminded of,for that matter,because they are awfully easy to forget.

The beautiful thing about these common elements being so fundamental is that then一切建立在它们之上的事物都可以在如此多意想不到和迷人的方向上开花。.

Which is why despite Dan's post being more of an essay than an ad,this post is more of an ad than an essay…Triple Town听起来很迷人,我想玩。

But I don't own a Kindle.丹,你在其他设备上做过原型吗?是吗?*shameless begging*😉


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Oct 13 2010年

While I was at GDC,我再一次和gamebreaker.tv的加里·甘农在空中度过了一段愉快的时光。You can click the link below or watch the embed after the break:

亚搏开户Raph Koster – GDC Online | GameBreaker TV.

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The Fundamentals of yabo亚博H5Game Design

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Oct 12个 2010年

got a request via Twitter for this old essay which had fallen off the Internet,so I am posting it here.这本书最初是为Metaplace用户编写的……对于关注博客一段时间的人来说,这里没有什么新鲜的东西,但既然有人要求,here it is.🙂


从创造互动体验开始,真的,can be rather daunting.在本教程中,我们将介绍游戏的基本组成部分,so we can get a handle on what the next steps are when you make the jump from the training tutorials to your own projects.

通常人们在概念化游戏时会遇到困难。The idea,毕竟,is often the easy part.它真的成功了,找出从哪里开始,that is the hard part.

A friendly warning,尽管如此!Just like writers have different ways of working,一些作曲家在头脑中写音乐,另一些则用乐器,亚博体育苹果下载different yabo亚博H5game designers are going to have different ways of working.Some work better"在代码中”and others like doing everything on paper beforehand.Some think in terms of story and narrative,其他人首先是系统设计师。So this tutorial may actually run a bit against the grain for you,depending on your natural temperament.

接下来,I am going to use the language of games,但实际上,every piece of advice in this article applies equally if you are designing any sort of interactive project whatsoever.So just because I say"游戏“下面的内容并不意味着当你开始进行课堂体验、聊天室或其他应用程序时,本文对你没有帮助。 Continue reading »

GDCOnline: my Social Mechanics talk

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Oct 08 2010年

The intent of this talk was to do a"powers of ten"有点像多人游戏的机制……并不是用来描述新事物的,but instead to try to take the whole big spectrum of what we think of as multiplayer yabo亚博H5game design,做一个跨学科的研究。我介绍了一些博弈论,a bit of psychology,有点进化生物学,历史的点滴,大量的社会学,一点社交网络理论,and of course,yabo亚博H5game design stuff.

我希望完成后,it would both serve as a good上下文for thinking about multiplayer games of several sorts,就像一个普通的老参考,请在讨论社交游戏中礼物和墙贴的影响时,需要指出一些问题,or why some MMOs have longer retention cycles.

So这是PDF格式的,请for your perusal.我尽量让幻灯片独立放置,但当然,实际的画外音会使许多幻灯片更易于理解。For that,查找要显示的实际会话录制GDC保险库.

Long-time readers will notice that there are bits here that reference and repeat elements of much older presentations.我建议在这篇文章的后面加上数学方面的大量内容,但与社交网络理论极其相关。Small Worlds: Competitive and Cooperative Structures in Online Worlds(PDF),if you have not seen it before… I gave it back in 2003,Facebook上市前一年。🙂 It digs a lot deeper specifically into many of the characteristics of large scale-free networks in games.