Takin' the midnight train to GA

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Nov 30 2008

Or the early morning flight,at any rate.Am off toLiving Game Worlds IV— which is still taking walk-in registrations.(And yes,I just got back home a day ago).

Sorry for the low blog rate this past week.很高兴大部分时间处于离线状态,though.🙂

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Nov 26 2008

C妈妈,The Unauthorized PETA Edition: Mama Kills Animals | PETA.org.

Given my kids' reaction to it (glee),我不确定它是否真的能达到目的,but it is interesting to see games used as advocacy this way.

Although,once you get to the point that the eggs are bleeding,maybe it's more accurate to call it propaganda.

Play it:

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Nov 二十三 2008

Iam in Kannapolis,North Carolina,on vacation.My dad recently moved here.Naturally we are exploring the area — did you know that Salisbury steak comes from the time a train's chef didn't have a T-Bone for a passenger,so he made him two burger patties mashed together as they pulled into the Salisbury station here??

In fact,the area's history is heavy on the trains.And hence the poem (and pics) here today,which resulted from our visit to theNorth Carolina Transportation Museum.

The Spencer Wheelhouse

Enough's been written now about old 97,,
The way she rushed downhill to reach the Spencer Yards,,
How she ran the rails ragged off the Stillhouse Trestle
And died a steamer's death,splinters all afire.

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Air Guitar Hero

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Nov 22 2008

The latest addition to the Wii-hab phenomenon is perhaps its coolest—Air Guitar Hero.Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have made the popular Guitar Hero game into a tool for amputees who are being fitted with the next generation of artificial arms.With a few electrodes and some very powerful algorithms,amputees can hit all the notes of Pat Benatar's"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"using only the electrical signals from their residual muscles.

IEEE Spectrum: For those without hands,there's Air Guitar Hero.