Latest SL lawsuits

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Oct 29 2007

"Booty & the Geek": The New York Post covers new SL lawsuits.

Simon denied any wrongdoing.

"They can say whatever they want to say,"he said."It's a video game.""

He also said the plaintiffs found their"evidence"by taking pictures inside his Second Life home.He contended that if he could be sued in real life for what goes on in Second Life,then and seizure laws should also apply in the virtual world.

Ah,it's interesting how quickly we can slip down the rabbit hole.🙂

Oct 28 2007

Of course I had to write a song based on the wildfire experience.But honestly,the suburban wildfire experience doesn't make for much of a song.Plus,I was also slightly annoyed at all the people saying stuff like"boo hoo,affluent SoCal people"when anyone who lives in San Diego County knows there's quite a range of incomes and lifestyles around here.

So I decided to do the song from the point of view of someone who lives out near where the fires started — where there are lots of folks who have farms or ranches.Wrote it today around 2pm,and then wrestled with my recording setup for three hours (misconfigured recording input).So this is just a quick sketch of it done in the last hour.
The song is calledUp Near Witch Creek,and it goes like this:

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The smoke does help some things

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Oct 26 2007

The moon over Rancho Bernardo

This links to a 1280×720 pic for anyone who wants it as a widescreen wallpaper…

So this is the moon over Rancho Bernardo tonight.你可以看到山下没有灯光的地方;that is where the fire came through.