Designing for Social Play

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4月 09 2021

Oops, I forgot to post about this yesterday when it went up!
我写了关于designing for social play对于可玩的世界网站。正如你所看到的,我现在正在做一条时间......一旦我们获得更多的人们对我们正在做的事情更接近我们正在制作的事情,那么就会改变。

In the end,good social design is about good society design. That’s what underlies the buzzword, and why it’s so sad that the word “social” gets reduced to mindless clicking or dark patterns on a social media site.

人民的多样性和游戏使得一个更强大的社会,一个更持久的社区。这对我们作为企业有好处。更重要的是,它更好players. It makes for an online world that doesn’t chase you out or make you feel insignificant or unwanted. A world where you can pursue your own dream.


If the ideas discussed there sound of interest to you, and you are a game dev — you might want tocheck out our jobs page— we’re hiring for a bunch of roles!


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4月 01 2021

I’ve gota new blog post up on the Playable Worlds site,这次谈论由玩家驱动的经济价值,以及真正意味着什么。

This often all gets boiled down to the phrase “a player-driven economy.” And people think it means revenue models and monetization. Maybe, if they are savvier about online worlds, they think it means players make the items that other players play with – and that’s true, they can and do and should! But even that is still a reductionist way to think of it.

A player-driven economy isn’t about the money. It’s about having every way to play the game serve a role in the ecosystem. It’s about all the wonderful and weird ways we choose to live and play, and how we find out that our silly hobbies are vital necessities to someone else.

到底,这是关于让每个人的重要的. Because we all are. Important. Plumbers, baristas, roleplayers and raiders.

Check it out here!

Mar 25 2021
Colorful blue and green background with geometric shapes and lines. On the left: a circular picture of Playable Worlds CEO Raph Koster at a speaking event. On the right: large white text reads

We are starting to open up a bit about what we are doing here at Playable Worlds!

I am going to tell you thatyes, worlds can feel alive,就像真实的地方。您可以持有虚拟家园的地方,并以持久的方式留下您的标记。在线世界可以是动态的,完全持久的,并由球员可修改,而不仅仅是不变的纸板套装一英寸深且货币宽阔。

We have the technology: cloud computing power lets us do things with simulation and AI that once seemed impossible. This dream can come true.

阅读更多,head on over to the Playable Worlds website for the full article!

2月 11 2019

I’ve written endless words on this in the past, but sometimes you just need a cheat sheet. Particularly these days when people who aren’t community professionals find themselves on the front lines out of business necessity or just because of the nature of social media. So here’s just a quick set of advice for those who find themselves speaking to members of their user community.


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What drives retention

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1月 30 2019
The difference in active users between 100% and 10% churn shows a huge increase under the curve for the lower churn rate.

F或者更好或更糟糕的是,大部分游戏市场正在迁往游戏 - AS-A-Service。曾几何时,这被称为MMO商业模式,因为所有MMO都是游戏的游戏服务,几乎没有其他的东西。

显然,很多Gaas游戏都不会成为MMOS。Candy Crush Sagais a service, but it’s not an MMO. Nor does GaaS mean the game has to be free to play with upsells via microtransactions.Gaas是A.经营策略和f2p是一个revenue model.


  • free sampling to get you in the door, supported by other revenue streams such as other paying members subsidizing free users, or advertising
  • a la carte offerings which let you dip into a service without an ongoing commitment
  • periodic upgrade offers to take you from that free tier to something with recurring payments
  • subscription tiers — a low basic offering and a few richer ones catered to specific demos, which retain the ability to a la carte for specific features
  • individual one off upsells for special events that are never covered by the sub tier


But underneath it all is one inevitable underlying truth.

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