2月 11 2019

I’ve written endless words on this in the past, but sometimes you just need a cheat sheet. Particularly these days when people who aren’t community professionals find themselves on the front lines out of business necessity or just because of the nature of social media. So here’s just a quick set of advice for those who find themselves speaking to members of their user community.


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What drives retention

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1月 30 2019
The difference in active users between 100% and 10% churn shows a huge increase under the curve for the lower churn rate.

F或者更好或更糟糕的是,大部分游戏市场正在迁往游戏 - AS-A-Service。曾几何时,这被称为MMO商业模式,因为所有MMO都是游戏的游戏服务,几乎没有其他的东西。

显然,很多Gaas游戏都不会成为MMOS。糖果粉碎传奇是一个服务,但这不是一个mmo。GaAs也没有意味着游戏必须通过微量转移可以自由地与upselss一起玩。Gaas是A.经营策略和f2p是一个revenue model


  • free sampling to get you in the door, supported by other revenue streams such as other paying members subsidizing free users, or advertising
  • a la carte offerings which let you dip into a service without an ongoing commitment
  • periodic upgrade offers to take you from that free tier to something with recurring payments
  • subscription tiers — a low basic offering and a few richer ones catered to specific demos, which retain the ability to a la carte for specific features
  • individual one off upsells for special events that are never covered by the sub tier


But underneath it all is one inevitable underlying truth.

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Nov 13 2018

H埃洛克斯特先生!我有一个学校项目,需要像你一样的专家的输入。我知道你通常不回复学生,但希望你会回复我。我目前正在研究一个开放世界MMO的概念,想知道你是否可以帮助我。我知道你的主要作品是Star Wars Galaxiesand the Ultima series, but my game is still a MMO. It’s just more likeDC Universe在线。基本上,我只是想知道MMO和开放世界游戏中应该包含哪些重要事项。您有任何可能有帮助的知识吗?


But maybe this will be helpful, and convey some sense of the scale of what you need to worry about. Important note: I didn’t even get to the stuff that only lives on the client. This is only the stuff that lives on the game server side.

你可能想看看Insubstantial Pageants,一本书,我开始,从未完成MMO设计,当然是Richard Bartle博士设计虚拟世界[affiliate link]has an exhaustive amount of material on the subject.

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Sep 12 2018


Portrait of Micael Priest by Sam Yeates

Really broken up over the news thatMicael Priesthas passed away. Such a sweet man, so ridiculously talented and totally a symbol of an Austin that has faded away.

他做了早期的艺术 - 就像我们在艺术团队的初期在初期 - 为Ultima在线。他是犰狳世界总部的着名的海报艺术家,渲染绘制的Zappa和Willie Nelson的墨水版本,并在详细的,孵化和跳水,大胆的卡通风格中无数的其他人。

He was colorblind — I still remember when he thanked us for letting him know that he had made green people for UO by accident. I remember when he defended us during the run up to alpha, when Richard came to complain about the artwork in the game that Kristen and I had put in as placeholders until we got the real work, and Micael said “it’s not programmer art… it’s designer art! So it’s better!” I also remember walking into his office one day and being surprised by the presence of Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame); I fled in the presence of one of my heroes, and he told me after, “you should have stayed, I’d have introduced you!”

我经常想起他,但我们失去了触感,因为我渴望与人保持联系。他没有在线活跃,这些天通知是友谊的通行证。在uo rurun rurn期间,我们所有人都住在彼此的口袋上几个月,然后......距离和时间。

It’s hard to imagine such a vital presence gone, but he leaves behind so much work, such a stamp on Austin culture. There was even a Micael Priest Day declared by the mayor, long ago.

Today also comes the news thatThreadgill’s World Headquarters is closing;Micael的艺术遍布墙壁。我想,一切都变得琐事,要拍卖。我们留下了笑容和温暖的记忆,人才,并在他眼中无明显闪烁。

Jul 13 2018

Ihave posted up the two talks I delivered last month. Sorry for the delay, but I caught something while at the first event, and have only shaken it right around… now, believe it or not. Four weeks of intermittent fever, coughing vehemently, and generally feeling unable to do much of anything.

一个,有权题为“Tabletop Game Grammar,”was a talk at the inauguralTabletop Network活动,一个专门用于yabo亚博H5桌面游戏的游戏设计会议。它在可爱的雪鸟滑雪胜地举行,高海拔(在活动后达到峰顶,大约11,000英尺高)。此谈话以Game Grammar应用于Boardgame Design的应用,包括通过如何添加新资源的工作来创建扑克的不同变yabo亚博H5体。继续阅读 ”

征询意见on GameCamp and Tabletop talks now up